Borderpride Border Collies 

& Shetland Sheepdogs


**Member of the Kennel Club Assured Breeders Scheme**

Proud to be a breeder who health test's, breeding dog's
"Fit For Function"



For information on any future breeding plans or for help in finding a reputable breeder then please feel free to contact me.

If you think you may be interested in a puppy from me then please read below before contacting me

 (*Please note, due to the volume of email's I receive plus time it may take me a few day's to reply but please be assured that I will reply to you.  If you'd prefer/need to speak to me sooner then please feel free to phone me - read the info below & you'll find my number.  If you get the answerphone then please leave your name, number & a brief message & I'll get back to you as soon as possible. Also please note that single line enquiry emails are automatically deleted.  Many thanks.*)

Please carefully read below before contacting me for more details.

All of my dogs are KC Registered, Hip Scored & Eye Tested including Gonioscopy under the BVA/KC Health Schemes & are DNA tested or Genetically Clear/Unaffected for CEA, CL, TNS, Predisposition for Gonio, MDR1, B12 & IGS.

My puppies are born in the bedroom & lovingly raised in my home where they get used to all of the familiar sights & sounds of everyday life with daily handling from birth & of course lots of love & cuddles.  The puppies are socialised with my other dogs, cats & adults along with regular outings in the car.  From the moment the puppies ears are open at approx. 3 weeks of age, I begin playing the Scary Sounds CD daily which has sounds such as fireworks, thunder, traffic etc.  They also get used to hearing (watching!) the TV & radio as well as the usual household sounds such as the hoover, washer etc.

All of my puppies are Kennel Club registered, Wormed to date, Eye Tested (even when from genetically normal parents), BAER Hearing Tested, Microchipped, come with at least 4 weeks free insurance & a very full & comprehensive Puppy Pack.  My puppies are raised on the BARF diet (Bones And Raw Food) which I strongly encourage new owners to continue with & at least 2 weeks worth of food will be supplied along with a comprehensive & easy to follow diet sheet & full support (once it's confirmed that you're definitely having a puppy then I will give you a copy of "Honey's Natural Feeding Handbook for Dog's" to read at leisure before collecting your new arrival).

All of my puppies are endorsed with the Kennel Club "Progeny Not Eligible For Registration".  This is mainly to prevent the puppies from ending up with puppy farmers & indescriminate breeders.  If the puppy grows into a good example of the breed with success either in the show ring or dog sports then the endorsements may be lifted at my discretion after the age of 2 years if a current clear, adult eye certificate, unaffected Gonioscopy & a below breed average hip scoring certificate are produced but this is at my discretion & at 8 week's of age no guarantee can be given.  However, puppy's sold purely as pets will at no time have their endorsements lifted as I strongly believe that a pet should remain just that and I recommend neutering after the age of 16 months.  It is a myth that a bitch should have a litter of puppies & it is a myth that a dog should be able to reproduce ~ what they never have they can never miss!!  It is also a myth that neutering makes your pet fat & lazy!!  It is all down to your management.

I offer Lifetime back up & support to my puppy owners.

If you are interested in one of my puppies then please contact me to email me or you can call me on; 01283 348106 / 07703 569557 (Please note, withheld number's are automatically sent to the answerphone).  If you need me to call you back then please leave me your number & I'll call you back as soon as possible.

When contacting me, please note that sometimes, more so when I have puppies, it may take me a few day's to reply to email's.

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