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Miss Molly At Borderpride

Molly pictured at 12 1/2yrs old

Sam (ISDS 175496) x Bess

23.03.95 ~ 16.05.08

Molly is the great lady in our house!!  Molly was my first proper Border Collie & boy what a great introduction to the breed!!

Molly has a most wonderful character about her & so often forgets her age!

Molly is also the dog that got us started in agility & she certainly has done us proud over the years.

Due to an old injury having caused arthritis, Spring 2004 saw the official retirement of Molly from the agility ring although she hadn't actually trained or competed since September 2003.

Thank you Molly for the years of fun we have had, here's to many happy years in retirement, you certainly deserve them!!

Molly's other favourite past~time, even now, is water!! Not only does she like to swim but she likes to pretend she's a duck by going under to see what she can fetch out!! I have never known a dog to sulk like Molly does when she's fetched out of the water!!

Molly also loves nothing more than laying out in front of the fire or on the sofa & just chilling out.

Thank you Molly for introducing me to "proper" Border Collies!!

Enjoy your retirement Molly, you deserve it & more!

Proving to Abbie that even at 12 1/2 yrs she can still be quick enough to get the ball!!



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