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Kyleburn Daydream At Borderpride
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D.O.B.: 28 June 2013

Shaded Sable & White
CEA Litter Tested Clear
CEA DNA Tested Clear
MDR1 DNA Tested Normal


Finally!! After what feels like forever I finally have my long awaited Sheltie bitch!! 

I was chatting to Fancy's breeder as both Fancy & her litter sister had each got a litter.  Fancy had 4 beautiful babies & out of the 3 bitches it wasn't sure who was staying.  I'd resigned myself to the fact that there was unlikely to be a puppy though at some point I did say that I wouldn't rule out an older bitch.  A minute later we were talking about Fancy, how lovely she was & the fact she'd been lightly but successfully shown as a puppy & how it'd be lovely to see her out in the ring again.  Just 3 days later & I arrive at the home of Margaret Eaves & the Kyleburn Shelties!!  As the door was opened 2 smiley heads peered around the door (1 was a Burnese Mountain Dog!), tails in full wag & I'm already in love with Fancy!!

Fancy & I went for a short walk, I got hands on which confirmed she was as beautiful as she looked & moved.  I thanked Margaret & said how I'd be eternally grateful for being given such a wonderful opportunity.  After meeting Fancy's gorgeous puppies (who were coming up for 9 weeks & Fancy had been away from since 6 weeks) plus her litter sister's slightly younger litter, the paperwork was signed!!  Fancy was mine & home we came!!

 Fancy has settled in as though she's been here all her life!  The Border Collies accepted the "little blonde" without question & Tigger definitely loves her!!  Fancy's settled into living in the house without issue, her tail never stops wagging & she seems happy to accept everything & everyone.

I always loved watching Tigger & the Border Collies play but watching Shelties play is totally mesmerising as they fly around playing tag!  When out on a walk Fancy can resemble a Whippet with how fast & the way she runs!!  They might be smaller but they're just as clever & quick as the Border Collies!!

After waiting for what seemed like forever for Fancy to get her new coat, we've now been to our first couple of shows with more entered so watch this space!!

I'll update this page again soon including adding some photos.




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