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Emma's Special Puppies

Emma's Special Puppies

**Note ~ Scroll down to read the full story & to see the photo's!!**

Sh Ch/Ir Ch Merrybrook Moriaty JW


Grandver Moon Goddess At Borderpride


Emma's first litter, born, 5th February 2004

2 Beautiful black & white bitches


Abbie & Floss Chilling Out Age 5 Weeks

The girls were eye tested Unaffected for CEA on 18.03.04 Age 6 Weeks

Abbie has stayed here with us & regular updates for her can be
found on her own page.

Floss went to live with Colin & Sally who had patiently waited a very long
year for her!!  Floss lives a fantastic life where she is thoroughly spoilt.

Floss also has her own page where regular updates can be found.


On Friday 6th February, a heartfelt phone call was made after the
Secretary of Midland Border Collie Club lost her bitch Lucy after
an emergency c-section leaving 5 orphaned puppies.

As Emma had only had the 2 puppies the decision was made to try &
help Lucy's puppies by trying Emma as a Foster Mum. 
This was quite nerve racking as not only was this Emma's first ever
litter but mine also.  I so wanted Emma to accept these puppies as her
own to give them the very best possible start in life after such a tradgedy.

The puppies arrived & after careful measures & introductions the
puppies were then placed in with Emma & her 2 puppies. 
Thankfully, after 5 minutes of all the puppies
being placed into the whelping box, Emma was feeding the new babies!

Emma has made me so very proud in accepting these babies & being
such a brilliant Mum to ALL of them. 
I alway's knew Emma had a very special quality about her &
this wonderful act has proved it to me even more so.

A special thank you must go to Lyn Norton & Tony Blick for entrusting
Lucy's puppies with Emma.

May Lucy now run free at Rainbow Bridge.

Emma with her new extended family

All too quickly & the puppies were 4 weeks old and it was time for them
to return home to Lyn & Tony.  

To say that all of this was an eye opener is an understatement!! 
Emma was such a natural, fantastic Mum to ALL of the puppies ~
she made me so very proud.

This photo is of all of the puppies sharing one of their last meals!!

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