Borderpride Border Collies 

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 Lydeardlea A Gal In Calico At Borderpride


Laetare Master Class C ~ TDEX   x  Lydeardlea Satin And Silk

06.08.02  ~  07.11.17

Hip Score: 4 : 4
Eyes Unaffected for CEA/CPRA/PLL

DNA Tested Normal For CEA, DNA Tested Clear For CL & TNS
Gonioscopy for Goniodysgenisis Unaffected

Daisy is a big soft, love bug!!  Daisy just loves her cuddles & will bury her head right into you.  Daisy is also the family comedian & gives the biggest smiles!! Daisy's best friend in the whole wide world is our cats,  I'm sure given the chance they would both quite happily go off on daily wanders! Thankfully we have a fence that stops Daisy following but still the cat will try to get Daisy to go with her!!

Daisy is another water lover & always has us in stitches of laughter whenever we have the hosepipe out for either washing down the yard or watering the plants!! If you don't put Daisy in whilst doing these job's, they never get done as Daisy just loves to catch the water!!  Of course if it's a nice warm dry day then Daisy loves a free shower lol!!

Daisy was only lightly shown as a puppy as she much prefers to stay home but with the few appearances she did make she did well & even picked up a Best Puppy In Breed.

Daisy is now enjoying her retirement with my ex-husband.

To see photo's of Daisy's puppies click 2005 or 2006

Daisy actually in full coat!!  Photo taken at 4 years old.

Daisy age 11 months


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