Borderpride Border Collies 

& Shetland Sheepdogs


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Reply Borderpride
11:44 AM on November 23, 2017 
Due to the website host ( having opened Guestbooks back up, due to the ridiculous amount of spammers posting dangerous code & links in my guestbook I've had no alternative but to close it at least for now :( If anyone wishes to get in touch then please use either a Contact Us form or you can find us on Facebook. Lyndsay x
Reply Barbara Altham
9:01 AM on August 5, 2017 
I enjoyed your site & video. I recently lost my beautiful border collie Jazz, almost 15 years old. We enjoyed all our days together playing, walking & flyball. I miss her so much. I will visit your site again, thank you Barbara
Reply Gwyneth Holt
6:17 PM on April 19, 2017 

You have the most gorgeous healthy family of border collies - looking for a super collie to fill the dog shaped hole left by our black and white bitch Bonnie.

Reply Margaret Szulc
4:28 PM on March 31, 2017 


I am Margaret and my husband and I are looking to adopt a border collie into our lives.    Unfortunately, we recently lost our beloved border collie Rhona, who we had adopted at age of eight.     We live on the Isle of Bute in Rothesay, and have a large secure garden.    We gave Rhona lots of walks and runs on the many beaches here.     We miss her terribly and want another border collie in our lives.     I had rescued a border collie from a shelter in 2002, and he soon thereafter started having seizures.    It was difficult having a dog with epilepsy, but I loved him and took care of him for many years.     We feel that it would be great to start fresh with a puppy from a good breeder this time, in order to feel better assured of the health quality the pet will enjoy.     Please, if you would like to talk with us our number is:   01700 503 247.    John is almost fully retired, and when he works, it is usually only one or two days at best.    I work part time and  between the two of us, there is usually someone home.     Thank you for considering our inquiry.   We would be interested in one of your border collie pups.    Thank you very much.   Kind regards,   Margaret and John

Reply David Ernest
3:10 PM on March 2, 2017 

Hiya...hope to see you at Crufts.....

Reply Julia
9:34 AM on January 9, 2017 

Hello! Thank you for your great work and useful information on your site! We like photos of your dogs! Our company produces high-quality professional dog equipment. We have special discounts for kennels, dog schools and trainers! We would be glad to offer you a partnership and will wait for your reply. Welcome to our store: Best regards!

Reply Teresa Finch
5:28 PM on January 3, 2017 

Love both breeds.  I am looking for either a Sheltie or a Papillon.  I am retired and miss having a sweet pet.  I owned the daughter of a very famous Sheltie at one time.  She was special.  My Papillon passed away in July and I am still grieving.

Reply Sarah Brooke
5:37 PM on September 24, 2016 

i enjoyed your site and like your views. Your collies are beautiful. My darling Spot, a Kamarda collie and my companion for 15 years, died last month, and though missing him still, I'm looking to see who might have litters next year (2017). 

Best wishes, Sarah

Reply Pamela Rigby
3:44 PM on September 17, 2016 

Lovely talking to you the other night Lyndsay- I learned a lot- and hoping I will be able to have a Borderpride Pup- unless a slightly older dog becomes available by any chance.

Reply Julie
3:26 PM on July 31, 2016 

I am a previous owner of a Border Collie,Casey,i purchased him at 8 weeks old and unfortunately had him put to sleep a few years ago now at the grand age of 17 years. He was a huge part of the family,growing up with my sons who are now 26 years and 25 years old.For years i have said i would never have another dog but now i am a nana with a 3 year old grandson who i feel needs a dog to grow up with and Border Collies are the perfect breed.Your dogs look stunning and well cared for,will you be breeding this year?

Many Thanks

Reply Gaineontoff
8:07 PM on June 7, 2016 
The blog given to us has some exciting features. It realy increase my knowledge about the topic.
Reply Sarah
1:40 PM on April 26, 2016 

I have looked at your site a couple of times since our beautiful border collie Poppy passed away at Christmas at the age of 14 years.  Poppy was my best friend I told her everything and she picked up on every mood, she was our second border collie our first Sam was 17 years old when he passed away.  Life isn't the same and a house isn't a home without a border collie.  We know the time will soon come when we are ready to take in another member of the household and after looking at this lovely site with the care and affection that you have for your boys and girls we will definitely visit the site again. :)

Reply Pamela Ritchie
2:40 PM on March 7, 2016 

Hi Lindsay.  This is the second or so occasion I have visited your website.  Your dogs are simply beautiful - love the lines.  Very impressed and like your methodology.

I have been owned by Border Collies since 1975.  However lost my last two beautiful  elderly best mates just over two years ago.  Seriously missing having four legs at my side ...... now serioiusly looking.  Thank you for providing such an interesting informative but fun website for all to enjoy.  Pamela

Reply Wendy Harrison
6:01 PM on March 6, 2016 


i have enjoyed looking at your lovely photos. 


Reply Fiona Hunter
4:43 PM on January 5, 2016 

so glad I found your website. Found it very useful and I loved reading each different page about your individual dogs. We're very keen to find our new puppy.  Fingers crossed we get a chance to meet you and your family of dogs 

Reply joe and Frances Hines
6:13 AM on November 28, 2015 

Just looking at the moment, I am sure we will return.

Reply Paul Smith
11:23 AM on July 24, 2015 

Hello-having had to have our old lady (Pickle) a full border collie (we have had 151/2 years) put to sleep this morning we are feeling very raw but considering another challenge by way of another Border Collie pup-please advise of litters you may have coming forward.Pickle was black & white.and came from the Border Collie Rescue Centre Rugeley. We were heavily vetted at the time but that was good thing as in actual fact Pickle soon got us trained . She is going to a hard act to follow- so intelligent and intuitive. The previous Border Collie (cross) lived for 16 years

By the way I love your website

Paul Smith

Reply Mick & June Kightley
9:37 AM on April 5, 2015 

Thank you for letting us take Puzzel into our family she is now called ISLA, she is getting on quite well & enjoys going walking & is getting on with most of the dogs in area, she goes to training on Fridays & seams to enjoy her self

Thanks again Mick & June

Reply Sara Shepherd
12:22 PM on January 13, 2015 

Currently searching for my next forever-dog and have so enjoyed coming across your site. Great information and pictures. Lovely to be able tell by the way your write about each dog what their personalities are like. Good puppy policy too - they're too precious for anything less. All the best for the future in your new home. Sara (Mum of Mavis who crossed the Bridge 10/10/14)

Reply Linda Strong
3:43 PM on September 21, 2014 

Hi there, decided recently to start the process of opening up my home, life and heart to a puppy again. It has been quite a few years now. As I seem to have shared (over the last 30 plus years) my life with adult border collie crosses who needed a home and seemed to find me at the time. I am taking my time to search and it was lovely to come across your website. Just moving to Derbyshire and enjoying the freedom of exploring the countryside with my dog Buster is wonderful, he is now approx 11/12 years and a tricolour BC cross . Now I have retired it is even better. Your dogs are beautiful and I love your policy re puppies. Thanks again . Linda ( Glossop)

Reply Lydia Banbury
10:10 AM on September 6, 2014 

What a lovely website. You passion for your animals shows through.  I am hoping to realise my lifelong dream to add a Border Collie to my family and can't wait to have company on my walks. Thank you for the links to Honey's, I love the idea of the food being prepared and delivered frozen. All the goodness but without any hassle.  I am trying to wait another six months to really research and plan and get to know the Breed as we have always had Labs and then a Spaniel. I hope to be in touch in the future.

Reply fiona clayton
5:33 PM on August 17, 2014 

what a wonderful site, nice to know you wont let your puppies go to any home and you vet the new owners. collies are special dogs and not suited to normal life 9 to 5.  I ve owned 2 border collies, lost one 2 yrs ago at the age of 16yrs and still have my other Bliss she is now 16yrs, (old lady) such faithful dogs. If and when we are in a postion of having another border collie i will get in touch, we live on 12 acre farm with horses and sheep.

Reply Jo Childs
3:34 PM on June 19, 2014 

I love that all your dogs are free to roam in the hse.

and am hoping to be lucky enough to be able to give one of your future beauties a loving and active home :) 

Reply julia rice
4:47 PM on June 13, 2014 

Although I am not in a position currently to offer one of your beautiful puppies a home, I have put your website onto my favourites page for when my circumstances change. I hope then you would consider me to be a suitable forever home for one of your pups. Your attitude to your dogs is so refreshing!

Reply Karen milligan
4:23 AM on March 15, 2014 

Lovely site and your dogs are beautiful.  Not sure if your contact page is working as I've written twice and not heard back.  Do you have an email address please? Good luck with your puppies. :)

Reply noel sheppard
5:37 AM on March 7, 2014 

Hi there,

              i must agree with everyone's comments. Your website shows just how much you care for your beautiful collies. I have just lost my beautiful Meg to cancer. She looked just like your dogs (Black & white). She was 10 years old and has left behind our 9 year old cross collie/labradore Taf feeling lonely. I have had a cnother collie before Meg, who was called Sally, she lived to a grand old age. My wife stays at home 7 days a week and like one of your other guests, we have a holiday home in Anglesey, where we used to take Meg & Taf. I am stil thinking of Meg everyday and feel if part of me died with her, so I'm going to wait a while before getting another Collie. You are just the type of breeder I would want to go to. It's fair to say that if i could have kept Meg longer, I would have done anything to do so, but sadly that was not to be


Reply claire hunter
4:10 AM on March 4, 2014 

hi there, your site is great! you seem very passionate about the health and welfare of your dogs. i used to have a kings charles cavalier and we got him from a local breeder who was also very caring of dogs, he lived till he was 15 years old and had a full happy life with us. all the best. claire xxxxx

Reply Christine Crawford
5:40 AM on January 17, 2014 

I am very impressed by your website, your beautiful dogs and the conditions that you lay down for prospective owners and when the time is right I will certainly be in touch with you as I would love one of your puppies. I have 3 Border Collies aged about 15/16 (he's a rescue so I'm not sure exactly how old he is), 12 and 3, and a GSD puppy who is 8 months now. They are all raw fed, my puppy is from a breeder who also raw feeds and is as dedicated as you sound - we have a facebook group for her puppy owners as well. I do/have done agility, heelwork to music, tracking and scentwork and a bit of obedience with my dogs and they all enjoy working (well except for my old boy who just enjoys eating, sleeping and his walks now!)

Reply roger davies
2:39 PM on January 2, 2014 

superb website, brings a lump to my throat to know there are such caring animal breeders out there

Reply Martin
7:00 AM on November 22, 2013 

What a fabulous site.

It's quite evident that you are a breeder that really does care about the future home of the puppies and the welfare of the Sires and Dams alike. A very valuable commodity these days.


Reply Cheryl
5:34 PM on November 4, 2013 

What a lovely website.  Have enjoyed looking at all your family of collies, very happy pups and adults.  We have had Border Collies for over 35 years and bred a couple litters whilst living in Scotland - what a wonderful experience.  The one bitch we kept out of the second litter is still still with us, she will be 15 soon and apart from loss of hearing is extremely fit and lively for her mature years.  I admire your rules regarding the sales of your puppies, making sure they have loving, suitable and "fore ever" homes.  All the best .

Reply Yvonne Bennett
2:46 AM on August 9, 2013 

Just starting to think about having a new puppy. Have always wanted more that one dog and now I live in the country and have 14 acres think the time is right. Megan, my current collie, is now 13 and loves the huge garden and helping me with the horses

PS she loves watching the television and has been know to watch food in the microwave 


Reply chris beer
7:38 AM on July 31, 2013 

just lost our 12 yr. old collie. hope to have another in the near future. enjoyed looking at your site.

Reply Annette Linton
10:51 AM on July 30, 2013 

Hi Lyndsay

Have just visited your website and was very impressed about your knowledge and understnding of the Border Collie. We lost our Poppy who was a Welsh Border Collie in April, she was 16. We rescused her when she was 2 years old and we were her 6th home ! She needed carefulhandling, she was ok when she had got to know people.We had another Border for 16 years before Poppy and she called Cindy. Luckily I work only part-time now only 3 hours a day. Both of our dogs used to go to work with my husband and loved being with him. We are lucky where we lived asit is next to accessible farm fields so they got a lot of exercise 3 or 4 walks a day. They also came with us on holiday to our caravan on the Llyn Peninsula of North Wales on a working farm, they had lovely walks on the beach every day - whatever the weather! So will keep in touch as we are hoping to have another Border - there is no other dog for us.

Kind regards,Annette Linton, Cheadle Hulme.

Reply David Redden
7:38 PM on July 20, 2013 

David Reden says...


Hi Lyndsay


Also wanted to add, both Libby and Twist are stunning as are all your collies, after our sad loss of Penny we are so pleased to have found you.


Kind Regards


David & Nina


Reply David Reden
7:19 PM on July 20, 2013 

Hi Lyndsay

Just to say we love your website, so inspirational and informative, we hope to see you soon.

Kind Regards

David & Nina

Reply Ken Abbott
8:49 PM on March 30, 2013 

Hi Lydsay

I am so impressed with you and your immense love for your dogs and your in depth knowledge of the Border Collie breed.

I think your "New Owner" policy is spot on, after all they are your family and your policies should ensure both pup and owner have a happy home

My Border Collie Jake is always with me both at home and at work in my office, he's my dog and my friend - he's also my third border collie, I would never have any other breed.

All the best to you and your Collies.

Reply Jacqui
2:07 PM on March 5, 2013 

Hello. We are thinking of finally buying our first dog. Although the kids wanted one when they were small, our lifestyle involved changing countries a couple of times and it would not have been appropriate to have a pet. Now, though, I am no longer working full time and I have lots of time and energy to offer. My husband would be available at weekends and evenings. I have always been drawn to border collies, whether purebred or crossed, because they are intelligent and loyal and great company.

9:51 AM on September 17, 2012 

have only just started to look at your website and in fact have only read the conditions under which you will let some one buy one of your pups.  I totally agree with all of it.  Infact when I got my last dog the breeder did the same as regards getting to know the different characters and match her to our home life and family and existing dogs (and all the other criteria you have) and i have to say it all worked perfectly and she could not have known her pups any better. I will now enjoy the rest of your site and hope that when he time is right for me I can be successful in owning one of your border collies.

9:46 AM on June 2, 2012 








Reply dave mason
10:09 AM on February 27, 2012 

Hi Lyndsey, Very impressed with your dogs and your obvious love and care for them I recently lost my 15 yr old collie TARN due to age related problems luckily it happened very quickly. She was so loyal and well behaved i will struggle to replace her. I think a puppy from you would stand a chance due to the lineage and the obvious good start they get from your home. I live on a narrow boat and am a semi-retired marine engineer. Have you ever had a customer that lived on a boat? I always thought i would get another rescue dog but am now seriously considering one of yours. I live alone so she/he would have my undivided attention and 2000 miles of waterways to explore! Would you ever consider me for a puppy? I will keep checking your website out of interest.

by the way i notice you have been having health problems lately and wish you a speedy recovery.

Dave. Narrowboat Pendennis

Reply Borderpride
10:32 AM on February 10, 2012 

Many thanks to those of you who've kindly signed my guestbook in the last few month's :)  For some reason I only see the comments when I click on the notification I receive & they're not showing up here (unless it's just me?).  Some of the comments have been in regard to puppies but unfortunately I'm unable to reply.  If you still wish to contact me then please use the Contact Me form.  Many thanks xx

Reply Borderpride
7:02 AM on August 8, 2011 

Thank you for visiting my website :)  However, please note that if you are trying to contact me in respect of getting a puppy, please read the "Puppies" page before clicking on the "Contact Me" link & sending me all of the required information as I'm unable to reply to you via this Guestbook.  Many thanks, Lyndsay x

6:30 AM on July 30, 2011 

Hello, good morning.

We are a Spanish family, we are interested in one of his puppies. Although there are great specialists in collies, if we work with them for 12 years, we have border collie and shetland shepdog. For 15 years we practice agility and occasionally we go to show, with the help of a friend breeder with good results in Spain and also with Australian shepherd shetland, we are learning everything about dog grooming for shows. Com live in a house garden while our dogs are indoors because they are often like family.

Be interested in a female would practice with her agility and, if possible presentation at shows, would try to make the national championship of Spain.

I hope hearing from you and appreciate all the information you could send me.

a greeting

Ramon Miguel

PD: A Translation Computer, excuse the errors.

Reply Trevor Boston
2:44 PM on July 28, 2011 

I love the classic look of your dogs

Reply Brian Elmer
7:14 PM on May 21, 2011 

Hi Lyndsay. As a dog lover and Border Collie owner, ( Jess is fourteen weeks old and already has us tired out! ) Having had 3 GSD's over the past 26 years, I am surprised to find out how much more active Jess seems to be at this age compared to my GSDs..He's gonna keep us on our toes for sure!. Anyway, just thought i'd congratulate you on some wonderful BC's and a great site. Good Luck and health to both you and your dogs for the future.. Thanks, Brian Elmer

Reply Jenny Hickey
4:13 PM on December 14, 2010 

Hi Lyndsay


I've enjoyed looking at your dogs.  My dogs are companions first, I also have the pleasure of working them in agility, obedience and working trials.  I also show both in Ireland & the UK, We go to SBBC Ch show every year (we saw you win DCC in 2008):) I am currently looking for a dog to put to my beautiful Maddie, Hapenny Kelticmagic,  Beesting Wicca/Grandver Celtic Quest.  I am breeding primarily for myself so I'm not in any hurry, it may be late 2011 or early 2012.  She is genetically clear CEA/CL/TNS & eye-tested Clear for PRA and has a hip score 4:4.  She is an Irish Champion and is CDEX UDEX in Ireland & CDEX in UK.  I really like your "Twist", he's very handsome.  I just wondered whether I would have much chance of using him should I decide to breed.


Jenny Hickey

Hapenny Border Collies


Reply Andrea
8:02 PM on October 18, 2010 

Just wanted to say your policy on prospective new owners is spot on! I was looking on Anadune as you do :) and saw Twist so followed up to your website. I'll be aty LKA in Dec , but otherwise hope to see some of your dogs at Crufts. It's my first year showing so thrilled to have qualified.

Reply Sheila McCabe
11:23 PM on October 2, 2010 

I salute your dedication and determination to love and care for your lovely doggies. I have had two BC's, one from a beautiful and lovingly raised breeder (such as yourself) and one rescue. Maddie Groves, the love of my life, died several years ago a week before her 18th B-Day. Jax, my rescue, passed last spring. Someday, I would like to visit your beautiful place and see your wonderful doggies.

Reply Borderpride
8:51 AM on March 25, 2010 

Please note ~ the guestbook is playing up & may have to be removed as I keep getting notifications that it's been signed but I can't read what's been left.  If you're signing it as a way to get in touch then please use the "Contact Me" page instead.  Thanks though for everyone's kind comments :)