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Posted by Borderpride on June 4, 2009 at 6:39 AM
Well just as I thought summer had arrived it's disappeared again!!  Typical of the UK!!

I finally saw the woodpecker the other week, it is a "Greater Spotted Woodpecker" & I have managed to get a couple of photo's, I'll upload one once I've got the photo's off my camera.

Last week I took Abbie for her ultrasound scan & she does indeed have puppies but only a small litter, I'm just keeping everything crossed that she has a gorgeous daughter in there for me :o)

We also took Lydia back for a re-scan which unfortunately showed no more than an empty tummy.  We're disappointed but have decided to have one final try when Lydia next comes into season, hopefully September.  I've updated the "Puppy" page & you will see that some people have decided to wait, if you were hoping for a puppy from this litter & would also like to wait & I've not got back to you yet then please give me a call or drop me an email to let me know.

I also have another very exciting litter planned for late summer/autumn & full details will be posted on the "Puppy" page soon.

Due to having lots of work to do on my new home & especially out in the garden, my time on the computer is very limited so please allow me a few day's to reply to any email's, sending me a message everyday will only clog my inbox up (I receive a lot of email's) & I still won't reply any sooner.  I do understand how frustrating waiting can be but I will get back to people as soon as I can, at the moment I do have a backlog but am working through them when I have time.

We've not been to any show's since the National due to having been busy at home.  It's actually been quite nice having the time off from them though I still look forward to seeing the result's come through.

Well the parcel I've been waiting in for has now arrived so I'll sign off as I have to go out.  I'll update again after our next show in a couple of week's.

Until then!!

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