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Sort of Online Again!!

Posted by Borderpride on February 10, 2010 at 7:38 PM

I'm sort of back online!!  I've managed to revive my very old & ancient computer so finger's crossed it will last at least another couple of weeks until I get my new laptop.  If for any reason it doesn't (it's already thrown a couple of wobblies!!) then I'll be able to access my email at least once a week either through a friends computer but I ask that to be safe should you wish to contact me then you call me on 01283 732475.

The puppies are really growing now!!  I can't believe how the time flies!!  Lydia's pup's are now 5 weeks old & Daisy's are now 3 weeks.  Lydia's puppies are at the "into everything" stage & Daisy's are just discovering :D  I have to say that Daisy's puppies have got the waggiest tails I've ever seen & on such babies too!!

Hopefully I'll try & find a way to upload some photo's of the puppies & then you can see how lovely they really are :D

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