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Happy New Year & Lots of Updates!!

Posted by Borderpride on January 21, 2010 at 7:20 AM

Firstly I'd like to wish everyone a very Happy New Year!!  I hope that 2010 is prosperous, successful & brings you all that you wish for!!

I really don't know where 2009 went!!  I think moving house last January with all that that entails (lots of work to do that is still ongoing!!) meant it seemed to go quicker than usual, then again as my wonderful Dad says, the older you get the faster the year's go!!  I think he's right lol!!

Back in November first of all Lydia was mated, a final shot & it certainly paid off as on Tuesday 5th January Lydia safely delivered 5 beautiful bitch puppies!!

Just 2 weeks later when Daisy was just 1 week in season, Twist was going bonkers so off we went to the Vets for blood to be taken for a progesterone test.  A few hours later & the results were in from Keele, Daisy had already ovulated & was ready for mating now!!  Panic stations then arose as Oliver lives with Heather up near Fort William in the Scottish Highlands which is a very long way from Derby!!  After lots of phone calls to arrange the dog-sitter, lots of rushing around, the following morning off we went on the long drive north.  The following day we headed back having left Daisy for a couple of day's as Heather was coming south for a show.

Well the trip was certainly worth it as on Sunday 17th January Daisy safely (& quickly!) delivered her final litter of 7, 4 dog's & 3 bitches!!  Thank goodness for progesterone testing (& of course Twist for his singing lol!!).

In between the mating's & deliveries I've had a fairly bad few weeks.  There's the saying about luck/bad luck coming in 3's, well try 6!!  Just some; the week before Christmas Emma was rushed into the Vets with a pyometra (womb infection that can be fatal).  Emma had to have an emergency spay operation to remove her womb which had started to rupture causing peritonitis.  I was very privileged to be able to stay & observe the surgery.  Poor Emma was then in the Vets for a week on a drip, pain relief & 2 lots of antibiotics, finally being allowed to come home on Christmas Eve with more antibiotics, pain killers & strict instructions.  I can't thank the Vet enough for all he did for Emma along with my friend Anne who assisted as nurse with the surgery & came around with me every day to check on Emma's progress & the wonderful nurses during the rest of Emma's stay.

Christmas day I then only went & had a terrible accident that meant I spent the day in the ER!!  Many thanks to the wonderful Dr's & nurse's at the Derby Royal.  Since then I have had twice weekly visits to Nottingham City Hospital & again many thanks to the wonderful Dr's & nurse's as well as my lovely GP & the District Nurse.

I won't bore you with any more but hopefully with all of these beautiful puppies arriving our luck has now changed for the better!!

I have added a page for Lydia & have updated the Puppies page with full detail's including that there may be some puppies available to the right experienced & active homes.  Please read the Puppies page before contacting me.

I'll upload some photo's of the puppies as soon as possible.  For those of you who know me including previous puppy owner's then you can also find me on Facebook.

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