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Overdue Update!!

Posted by Borderpride on July 22, 2009 at 7:19 PM

Well here comes a very overdue update!!  Firstly I've been offline due to a problem with my router, it started with problems with my email's & the internet keep dropping off but with the mix of weather & living out in the sticks I thought that that may have been the problem but then the router completely died leaving no internet at all for a week.  Once back up & running I received some email's from upto 4 week's ago (when the problems first started!), I've tried to reply to all but if you've not received my reply then please contact me again.

Well some really great news to report!!  Early on the 1st July 2009 Abbie delivered 2 gorgeous baby girl's!!  I wanted a bitch & now I have 2 gorgeous girl's to choose from :D  To say I'm pleased is an understatement, they're just what I wished for & more!!  The proud sire is Sh Ch Pikkupaimenen Great Pretender At Locheil (Imp), also known as "Cruise".  The girl's are 3 weeks today, I'll upload some photo's really soon.

Last month at Three Counties Championship Show Twist was awarded 3rd in a large Limit Dog class under Gary Gray & little Wish was awarded 2nd place in the Pet Plan Junior stakes behind the top winning young Beardie under judge Jeff Luscot ~ a good day!!

A couple of weeks ago at the East of England Championship Show under Val Foss, Fynn was awarded RES (4th) in Minor Puppy Dog, Twist 2nd in Limit Dog & Wish 2nd in Junior Bitch so another very good day, especially as Fynn is very raw only looking 5 months old & Wish is totally out of coat at the minute!!

I received a letter from Amanda & Taz (Borderpride Blazing Star) the other morning (what a gorgeous boy he has turned in to be!!) & Taz has now been awarded his Advanced Flyball Certificate!!  Way to go Amanda & Taz!! 

Also special congratulations to Kim & Maddie (Borderpride Eternal Dream) on winning out of Novice obedience recently!!  Good luck in "A"!! 

Norma & Troy (Borderpride Classic Story) are continuing to do well with their obedience with Troy working "B" &  C", I'm sure it won't be long until Troy is working "C" only!!  Well done!!

Some other Borderpride's working in obedience, agility & Cani-X have also been having some great successes recently, I'm really proud of all the Borderpride's who are out there flying the flag, working & doing well for their owner's, congratulations to all :D

Our next show is Leeds this coming weekend so I'll updated again after then.


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