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We've Moved!!

Posted by Borderpride on January 17, 2009 at 5:30 PM
The Borderpride's have moved house!!  We're now living in the beautiful Derbyshire countryside, it is absolutely bliss :o)  Although we were on the edge of a village before with field's all around, we're now very rural with access to field's from the garden gate!! 

There is some beautiful wildlife around us including Mr Robin who comes down for his feed by the kitchen each day :o)  I'm hoping to capture a photo of him so watch this space!!

My email address is still the same but my home phone number has changed.  If you've not received my new detail's then please use the contact form to contact me & I will let you know them.  I've emailed most but still have to let those not on the internet my new detail's.  Apologies for any delay, there just seems soooo very much to do!!

Until next time when hopefully I'll post some new photo's :o)

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