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Posted by Borderpride on May 16, 2009 at 4:40 PM
Twist & I went to "The National" championship show last Saturday, thankfully apart from a very brief shower just before judging, it stayed dry all day.  Twist was awarded 3rd in a large (30 entries) Limit dog class so I was pleased :o)

Happily for Twist, the summer season show's are held outside though not having been anywhere since Crufts, Twist was very up on his toes!!

On Monday Siobhain & I took Lydia for her ultrasound scan ~ Lydia always has to be awkward lol!!  The scanner did find something but it was too small to tell if it may be puppies so she thinks that it maybe that Lydia isn't as far along as we think, this is because everything can hang around for upto a week so we'll take her back for a re-scan in 2 weeks when I take Abbie.

I have to admit that when Lydia arrived here I said that I thought she was definitely in whelp as she had a very different look about her & then last night Siobhain sent me a text to say that if Lydia isn't in whelp she'll eat her socks so watch this space lol!!

I really hope that both girl's are in whelp, with Abbie I'm really hoping for a lovely daughter from her, from Lydia Siobhain is hoping for a gorgeous son ~ I think we've both given the girl's our "order" for what we'd like them to have lol!!

Whatever the outcome at the next scan (probably around the 26/27th) I'll post updates.

Until next time!!

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