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Overdue Update!! (Again!!)

Posted by Borderpride on October 14, 2009 at 9:25 PM

Well I really have been rubbish at keeping everything up to date this year!!  I think it's simply due to a lack of hours in the day!!


Well Abbie's gorgeous puppies are now 15 week's old!!  How time flys!!  Libby has stayed here & Fancy has gone just 20 minutes away to a wonderful family where she will be shown & when old enough take part in agility.  Both girl's are gorgeous & it really was nit-picking when deciding who to keep to the point I was considering keeping both of them until Fancy's new family came along offering exactly the home I wanted & I now continue to see Fancy (now Meg) regularly.


I've not done many shows since my last update so no real news there.


Some good news on the Gonioscopy front, the following have all been tested "Unaffected";


Borderpride Act Of Love (Abbie)

Borderpride Classic Love (Lexie)

Borderpride Classic Story (Troy)

Borderpride Eternal Dream (Maddie)


I think that's about all for now so until next time I'll just leave with a photo of Libby at 6 weeks (I really must get some decent photo's!!) :)



Overdue Update!!

Posted by Borderpride on July 22, 2009 at 7:19 PM

Well here comes a very overdue update!!  Firstly I've been offline due to a problem with my router, it started with problems with my email's & the internet keep dropping off but with the mix of weather & living out in the sticks I thought that that may have been the problem but then the router completely died leaving no internet at all for a week.  Once back up & running I received some email's from upto 4 week's ago (when the problems first started!), I've tried to reply to all but if you've not received my reply then please contact me again.

Well some really great news to report!!  Early on the 1st July 2009 Abbie delivered 2 gorgeous baby girl's!!  I wanted a bitch & now I have 2 gorgeous girl's to choose from :D  To say I'm pleased is an understatement, they're just what I wished for & more!!  The proud sire is Sh Ch Pikkupaimenen Great Pretender At Locheil (Imp), also known as "Cruise".  The girl's are 3 weeks today, I'll upload some photo's really soon.

Last month at Three Counties Championship Show Twist was awarded 3rd in a large Limit Dog class under Gary Gray & little Wish was awarded 2nd place in the Pet Plan Junior stakes behind the top winning young Beardie under judge Jeff Luscot ~ a good day!!

A couple of weeks ago at the East of England Championship Show under Val Foss, Fynn was awarded RES (4th) in Minor Puppy Dog, Twist 2nd in Limit Dog & Wish 2nd in Junior Bitch so another very good day, especially as Fynn is very raw only looking 5 months old & Wish is totally out of coat at the minute!!

I received a letter from Amanda & Taz (Borderpride Blazing Star) the other morning (what a gorgeous boy he has turned in to be!!) & Taz has now been awarded his Advanced Flyball Certificate!!  Way to go Amanda & Taz!! 

Also special congratulations to Kim & Maddie (Borderpride Eternal Dream) on winning out of Novice obedience recently!!  Good luck in "A"!! 

Norma & Troy (Borderpride Classic Story) are continuing to do well with their obedience with Troy working "B" &  C", I'm sure it won't be long until Troy is working "C" only!!  Well done!!

Some other Borderpride's working in obedience, agility & Cani-X have also been having some great successes recently, I'm really proud of all the Borderpride's who are out there flying the flag, working & doing well for their owner's, congratulations to all :D

Our next show is Leeds this coming weekend so I'll updated again after then.



Posted by Borderpride on June 4, 2009 at 6:39 AM
Well just as I thought summer had arrived it's disappeared again!!  Typical of the UK!!

I finally saw the woodpecker the other week, it is a "Greater Spotted Woodpecker" & I have managed to get a couple of photo's, I'll upload one once I've got the photo's off my camera.

Last week I took Abbie for her ultrasound scan & she does indeed have puppies but only a small litter, I'm just keeping everything crossed that she has a gorgeous daughter in there for me :o)

We also took Lydia back for a re-scan which unfortunately showed no more than an empty tummy.  We're disappointed but have decided to have one final try when Lydia next comes into season, hopefully September.  I've updated the "Puppy" page & you will see that some people have decided to wait, if you were hoping for a puppy from this litter & would also like to wait & I've not got back to you yet then please give me a call or drop me an email to let me know.

I also have another very exciting litter planned for late summer/autumn & full details will be posted on the "Puppy" page soon.

Due to having lots of work to do on my new home & especially out in the garden, my time on the computer is very limited so please allow me a few day's to reply to any email's, sending me a message everyday will only clog my inbox up (I receive a lot of email's) & I still won't reply any sooner.  I do understand how frustrating waiting can be but I will get back to people as soon as I can, at the moment I do have a backlog but am working through them when I have time.

We've not been to any show's since the National due to having been busy at home.  It's actually been quite nice having the time off from them though I still look forward to seeing the result's come through.

Well the parcel I've been waiting in for has now arrived so I'll sign off as I have to go out.  I'll update again after our next show in a couple of week's.

Until then!!


Posted by Borderpride on May 16, 2009 at 4:40 PM
Twist & I went to "The National" championship show last Saturday, thankfully apart from a very brief shower just before judging, it stayed dry all day.  Twist was awarded 3rd in a large (30 entries) Limit dog class so I was pleased :o)

Happily for Twist, the summer season show's are held outside though not having been anywhere since Crufts, Twist was very up on his toes!!

On Monday Siobhain & I took Lydia for her ultrasound scan ~ Lydia always has to be awkward lol!!  The scanner did find something but it was too small to tell if it may be puppies so she thinks that it maybe that Lydia isn't as far along as we think, this is because everything can hang around for upto a week so we'll take her back for a re-scan in 2 weeks when I take Abbie.

I have to admit that when Lydia arrived here I said that I thought she was definitely in whelp as she had a very different look about her & then last night Siobhain sent me a text to say that if Lydia isn't in whelp she'll eat her socks so watch this space lol!!

I really hope that both girl's are in whelp, with Abbie I'm really hoping for a lovely daughter from her, from Lydia Siobhain is hoping for a gorgeous son ~ I think we've both given the girl's our "order" for what we'd like them to have lol!!

Whatever the outcome at the next scan (probably around the 26/27th) I'll post updates.

Until next time!!

A Little Update

Posted by Borderpride on April 28, 2009 at 9:23 PM
Apologies for the lack of updates, unfortunately, although Crufts was a great day out, due to not being well the couple of day's prior, I should have listened to my body & not gone as I was really ill afterwards & only now are the side effects of that wearing away.

We've not been to any show's as I decided that with having lots to do on the cottage, the garden to sort out & kennel's to get put up, this year we'd not do many.  I'm entered with Twist at "The National" just 1/2hr up the road at Stafford in a couple of week's so will update on that afterwards.

Lydia finally came into season the other week & has been mated to Twist.  Puppies are hopefully due around the 12th June.

I also brought forward my plans with Abbie & she has just been mated to Cruise, hopefully their puppies will be due around the 26th June.

Full details are now on the "Puppies" page.  It's going to be a busy couple of months!!


Posted by Borderpride on March 8, 2009 at 9:11 PM
Crufts time again!!  This year I took Twist, Wish & finally Abbie (though I wasn't sure she'd have enough coat again!!).  Wish went really well & was awarded 3rd place in a very strong Special Puppy class, both Twist & Abbie were shortlisted in extremely strong Limit classes so not a bad day.

As is usual for Crufts, it was an extremely loooong & tiring day though at least this year, with the absence of the BBC it wasn't as busy & for a Sunday you could actual move & get from the benches to the ring's without having to wade through crowds!!

Snow, snow & more snow!!

Posted by Borderpride on February 4, 2009 at 4:06 PM
Like much of the country we've had a big falling of snow this week with more forecast.  Here at the cottage we were actually snowed in from Monday afternoon until Wednesday morning & then the lane's were still trecherous due to the ice.

The dog's have had an absolute ball in the snow & I've created a new album with lots of photo's of the dog's enjoying themselves :o)

This link will take you directly to the album; Snow Dog's!!

I hope you enjoy the photo's!!

Mr Robin!!

Posted by Borderpride on February 3, 2009 at 4:58 PM
As promised, here is a photo of my daily visitor "Mr Robin" :o)

Mr Robin is also now regularly joined by a very beautiful Bluetit, a Chaffinch, some other Finches (that I need to look up) & some Sparrow's.

It's lovely sitting at the kitchen window watching the bird's :o)

We've Moved!!

Posted by Borderpride on January 17, 2009 at 5:30 PM
The Borderpride's have moved house!!  We're now living in the beautiful Derbyshire countryside, it is absolutely bliss :o)  Although we were on the edge of a village before with field's all around, we're now very rural with access to field's from the garden gate!! 

There is some beautiful wildlife around us including Mr Robin who comes down for his feed by the kitchen each day :o)  I'm hoping to capture a photo of him so watch this space!!

My email address is still the same but my home phone number has changed.  If you've not received my new detail's then please use the contact form to contact me & I will let you know them.  I've emailed most but still have to let those not on the internet my new detail's.  Apologies for any delay, there just seems soooo very much to do!!

Until next time when hopefully I'll post some new photo's :o)

Another Good Show!!

Posted by Borderpride on January 16, 2009 at 4:24 PM
Another good show today at Manchester Championship Show!!  Due to the judge I took a chance in taking Twist (who is still out of coat) & it was worth it as he was awarded 2nd place in a large quality Limit Dog class!!

Wish once again won a large quality Puppy Bitch class & once again was awarded Best Puppy Bitch!!  This means that Wish is now qualified for Crufts 2010 :o)

Buddy (B. Eternal Touch) was at the show & in a large Junior Dog class was awarded 2nd place, Jean & I were thrilled!!  This means that Buddy is also now qualified for Crufts 2010 :o)

It's so nice to get the youngster's qualified so early on in the year :o)